Ideas and businesses

Create or be a part of new ideas or businesses. Access the capital that is created in Popultrade for your ideas/businesses.


Invest in any idea or business and trade with your part in a business. Invest in a bar, restaurant, shop, internet portal, etc and receive equity. Buy goods or services for less and sell for more, etc.

Crypto currency in the real economy

A classic and e-economy based crypto currency.

Popultrade Tokens

Use your tokens to have advantages in trading, investments, in getting a job, in getting promotions, etc. Earn tokens based on your activities.

Usage of PopulTrade
tokens (Populcoins)

We will use Populcoins to reward users, pay workers, invest, pay returns, etc.


Get a job or part of a new business by offering your expertise or knoweledge.


Learn how to do a businesse or part of a business from experts. Build your career.

Investment models

Equity crowdfunding models: participation model, profit/revenue sharing model and convertible bonds. Smart contracts where applicable.


If you are not satisfied at the PopulTrade launch, you can redeem your tokens and get back your Ethereum coins.




Popultrade - a new way of getting investments and invest

Popultrade in a nutshell

Popultrade token distribution


In PopulTrade you can create, join or invest in any kind of business. PT will bring the possibility to access investments to anyone who has an idea for a business. Owners of various companies will be able to invest by simply entering an investment request. Other people, uninvolved in commerce, who just have business ideas, will be able to get capital to fulfill them and turn them into real businesses through the PopulTrade groups.
PopulTrade will be able to create this capital on account of everyday activities, such as purchases of articles, usage of services and successfully executed businesses. The created capital will be managed in a democratic way by members gathered in the PopulTrade groups (like you), members who will cooperate in a business transaction and will contribute to its growth and success, will consequently earn on behalf of their work. The PopulTrade environment will allow a business to be carried out from the initial idea to the final sale of the product. Depending on the type of investment, you will get a share of the profit that you will be later able to trade on the PopulTrade.

All processes in PopulTrade groups, such as elections of leaders, ratings of members and businesses, voting for the capital allocation, voting for the group rules, etc., will be managed in a democratic way by using smart contracts.

Support us

PopulTrade tokens crowdsale

How to participate?

1. Create Ethereum wallet

Create a wallet on or on any other popular services like Parity or Mist.

2. Get some ethereum (ETH)

Purchase Ethereum in an exchange using other currencies (BTC, LTC, XMR or similar). Alternatively you can use exchanges such as Coinbase to buy ETH directly with FIAT currencies. Once you obtain Ether (ETH), move it to the wallet created in the previous step.

3. Wait for the crowdsale

Starts on 11. December 2017, or subscribe to our newsletter so you will be notified when the token crowdsale starts.


Optionally: convert EUR - ETH

Only for Slovenia.



We are starting the crowdsale for two reasons:
To get contributions for developing/implementing the PopulTrade system.
To get contributions for starting the marketing. This will allow people to join the Circuls (groups of people where businesses and ideas are made reality) as soon as the system is launched and to turn their business and ideas into reality.  
A sum between $ 1.1M to $ 8M is the initial cost needed for developing/implementing the system and for running the initial marketing and PR. All other collected contributions will be locked in the ether on a smart contract for a period of one year (the period we need to start the system). If, after this period of time you are not satisfied with our finished product you can redeem your investment minus the development/implementation cost and the received bonus.
The more contributions there comes the more of your investment you will be able to get back if you are not satisfied.

Token details

Each activity in the PT platform will be rewarded with the PT token – the Populcoin. For example, profits from the businesses created in Circuls will be converted into Populcoins. Commissions from each purchase of articles or services will be converted into Populcoins and added to the Popultrade groups (Circuls) for further investments as well as to the users who were involved either by making a purchase, by voting or carrying out a job in the PT groups, etc.

Role of token: Platform payments, services/articles purchases, investments in businesses, discounts, decisional power, etc.
Token supply: 300 millions
Distributed in the crowdsale: 192 millions (64%)
Initial value: 1 Populcoin (PCP) = 0.1 USD
Symbol: PCP
Blockchain: ETH

Crowdsale details

Sale period: 11. December 2017 - 15. January 2018
Accepted currencies: ETH
Minimum goal: $ 1.100.000
Soft cap: $ 8.000.000
Maximum cap: $ 19.200.000
Bonus: 25% - 1%
Tokens on sale: 192.000.000
Unsold tokens policy: Destroyed
How funds are held: Multi-sig wallet held by team council
Sold tokens over the soft cap: Used to finance the marketing after the launch of the PopulTrade, for PR and operational costs but mostly in the Groups of people where businesses and ideas are turned into reality (Circuls).
How funds over the soft cap are held: Funds are held locked in the smart contract in the ether, if after a year from the end of the crowdsale period you are not satisfied with our product you will be able to redeem the tokens and get back your contribution, proportionally minus the soft cap part.
Minimum viable product: Popultrade platform

Crowdsale bonus

The bonus in tokens will be given through specific time periods during the Crowdsale, starting from a 20% tokens bonus (check the following table).
The base price of the Populcoin is set at $0.1. Price in ETH will be locked from 10.12.2017. Prices in the below table are calculated according to the current exchange rate and are for informational purposes only.

Time Bonus ETH
96 hours 25% 0.000172 ETH
96 - 168 hours 13% 0.000190 ETH
7 - 12 days 10% 0.000195 ETH
12 days - 17 days 6% 0.000203 ETH
17 days - end 1% 0.000214 ETH


What people think about PopulTrade



Financial sector

... new way of getting investments and invest ...


Social networks expert

... facebook for business with capital ...


Marketing expert

... people can now advertise and profit ...
... like adwords in real world ...


Business man

... you can create companies like Uber in one place ...


PHD in philosophy

... un sistema che da a tutti le stesse opportunita, sia finanziarie che realizzative ...


Marketing expert

... nova svietska ekonomija ...

Contributions Milestone

The PCP Token Crowdsale will be successful if during the PCP Token Crowdsale period at least USD 1,100,000 is invested. In case the PCP Token Crowdsale is not successful (i.e. in case less than USD 1,100,000 is contributed), all contributed funds will be returned to the contributors. The soft cap is set at USD 8 million. All contributed funds over the soft cap can be redeemed if our platform will not satisfy you, those funds are locked in ether in the smart contract.
  • $0 - $1,099,000
    Token Crowdsale is not successful (all invested funds will be returned to the investors)  
  • $2,500,000
    PopulTrade invest and get investments product - development and launch (Linum, Denario), Marketing, PR.  
  • $5,000,000
    Development and Deployment of the PopulTrade platform (Mercato, Circul)  
  • $8,000,000 = soft cap
    PopulTrade launch, Marketing, PR, sales  
  • $8,000,000 - $19,000,000
    Allocation of the Funds into the Popultrade Circuls, Marketing, PR. Those funds can be redeemed by contributors.

Populcoins distribution

The majority of the Populcoins will be available in a public crowdsale starting on December 11 2017, with a minimum investment goal of $1.1M and a soft cap of $8M. Any contributions over the soft cap will be locked on the smart contract in the ether for one year counting from the crowdsale end-date and if after a year you are not satisfied with our work you can redeem your contribution. Our team members and initial investors are fully devoted to the project. That's why all tokens, allocated to the team (16%) and advisors (4%) will be held in multi-sig wallets for 24 months. Because all our tokens are pre-mined, we've also set aside a portion of tokens for future partnerships (6%), any good idea or proposition during the beta (4%) both locked for 24 months after the token crowdsale end date, bounty program (2%) and early investors (4%). One of the main purposes of the Populcoin is enabling the growth of Popultrade system and give to all crowdsale investors a system that will allow the usage of Populcoins.


The majority of the tokens will be sold in a crowdsale to secure funds for further product development, operations, international expansion and for enabling the Circuls (Groups of people where businesses and ideas are turned into reality) to start operating at the launch of PopulTrade.


A portion of tokens will be held by the team.


Reserves for future partners, that will help the project in future stages.

Ideas and propositions

Tokens for ideas and propositions, once the beta will be ready any good idea or proposition to the Popultrade system will be rewarded with tokens.


Tokens for our advisors that helped the project with their knowledge and expertise.

Early investors

A share of tokens for early stage investors, who believed in us and provided initial funds for our idea.


Tokens for our bounty program.

Allocation of the product development phase contributions

We strive to deliver our features as comprehensive and easy as possible, which is why we made the technical development/implementation a priority of our operations. This decision is strongly reflected in our financial strategy, that is divided into two phases. While the funds collected in the first phase will cover the development costs and the initial marketing, the second phase is mainly intended to cover marketing operations and the start of Circuls. Unsold tokens will be destroyed. In case the crowdsale does not reach the envisioned amount we will return the received ether.

Development and implementation

Technical development costs of the Popultrade tools (Linum, Mercato, Denario, Circul). Set up the production hardware environment.

Team Product development and management

Non-technical product development includes project and team management and business development.

Marketing, Sales and PR

First marketing phase, covering basic marketing operations, advertising campaigns, business partners gathering, populate the system with articles and services to purchase, gathering sellers, get candidates (experts, consultants, lawyers, investors,...) to work in the Groups of people where ideas and business are made a reality (Circuls), get simple and advanced businesses in Circuls to invest in, get offerers for the network of services (Linum) to offer all needed to create and develop an idea or business, get affiliate workers to promote and bring services and sellers to Popultrade.

General and Administrative

Day-to-day operations, office rent and equipment, travel expenses and legal fees. Servers infrastructure rent.

Allocation of the marketing/circul phase contributions

Global PR and advertising

A global ongoing PR campaign, carried out with the help of an external PR agency. Ongoing global ad campaign covering all relevant media outlets, designed to increase our userbase and to assure marketplace liquidity (social media ads, SEM, specialized music media, event presence).

Circul funds

Funds intended for Circuls (Groups of people with similar interests where ideas and businesses are made a reality), with the funds the circul members will be able to start realizing ideas and businesses.

Popultrade representation


Q4 2015
Popultrade idea
Q1 - Q2 2016

Initiation phase: Developing the idea, team formation, …

Q3 2016

Gathering a team of experts in various sectors. Market analysis, solving various questions, such as economic and legal. Gathering business partners.

Q4 2016

PopulTrade company creation, gathering initial funds for the project

Q4 2016

42,000 Euro donation

Q1 2017

Definition phase, design phase of the project.

Q2 2017

68,000 Euro invested in PT

Q2 - Q3 2017

Development phase of the project.

Q4 2017

Start of the implementation phase: Mercato, Circul, Denario and Linum

Q4 2017

Token crowdsale to develop the project.

Q2 2018

Launch of the PopulTrade invest and get investment product (Linum, Deario), Marketing and PR.

Q3 2018

Launch of PopulTrade project beta.
Marketing preparation, online/offline sellers gathering, Circuls creation and members gathering, Linum members gathering, payment system implementation, creation of businesses to invest in

Q4 2018

PopulTrade platform launch, use of tokens in the system.

Q1 2019

Extended blockchain features integration in Circul and Linum.

Q1 - Q4 2xxx

Extensive marketing, public relations, sales campaign and business/ideas promotion.

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